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NITRILATEX® XSBR NTL-218 Carboxylated Styrene Butadiene Latex

Solid black powder material, featuring high structure and porosity, and high carbon content. Useful in its primary state as filler for rubber articles, pigment in paints and solid fuel. Originated from discarded tires treated by pyrolysis, in an exhaustively controlled process to obtain the best quality particulate material. This material presents productive improvements due to its low cost and environmental commitment.

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Technical product information

Features and benefits
Excellent Adhesion    |    Medium Styrene Content    |    Excellent Mineral Filler Loading Capability
Typical Properties
Recommended Uses & Known Applications
Latex with excellent adhesion to most natural and synthetic fibers, soft touch, associated with a strong mineral filler loading capability, used to make rug and carpet backings, insoles, adhesives, sealers, cement modifiers and grout. Can be mixed with NTL-350 to produce correction fluids.