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VALEX™ Natural Latex Prevulcanized

VALEX™ Natural Rubber SGR-10 is commonly used as Polymer Compounding for a variety of applications.

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Technical product information

Packaging & Availability

Packaging Information
  • TSR are wrapped individually in plastic sheeting (polyethylene) and stacked on pallets. These are unitized using shrink-wrap sheeting or a shroud of plastic film and are also attached to the pallet with plastic strapping. A labeling strip must be attached to each load unit.
  • TSR can be packed in wooden or steel crates and secured to pallets. The crates are unitized by being attached to the pallet with steel straps.
  • They are generally packaged as 35 kg bales and 36 bales are loaded on a pallet.

Storage & Handling

Avoid any risk following the guidelines in the product SDS.
Storage and Handling
  • Temperatures greater than 30 °C and exposure to sunlight, results in activation of the rot-causing bacteria.
  • Avoid any fire exposition as natural rubber is readily combustible due to its high hydrocarbon content.
  • Rubber should be stowed in such way as to avoid the risk of crushing.